Event DetailsMiMSA Elections 2013
Saturday, April 13, 2013
3:00pm - 5:00pm
East Hall 4448
It's time of the year again to elect our new set of MiMSA Board Members! Malaysians, do your part and lets vote! :)

The list for this year's candidates:

Fikri Fisal, Aqasya Anis

Vice President:
Elissa Irhamy, Rachel Law, John Lee, Alia Hasbullah, Khai Yin, Fikri Fisal

Farah Hani, Elissa Irhamy, Rachel Law, Luqman Saifuddin, Carven Leong, Swee Yong, Noorizuan Shah, Jie Ling

Elissa Irhamy, Adrina Zarawi, Firdaus Kasman, Fatimah Zaini, Alia Hasbullah, Yu Jun, Swee Yong, Khai Yin

Logistics Coordinator:
Jiunn How, Jie Ling, Si-Onn

Public Relations Officer:
Aqasya Anis, Tanesha, Adrina Zarawi, Yu Jun, Kit Yin

Jiunn How, Jia Wen

Muza, Carven Leong, Si-Onn

Senior Representative:
Diyana Kamarulzaman, Nadrah Nadzir

Junior Representative:
Firdaus Kasman, Noorizuan Shah, Jie Ling, Kit Yin

Sophomore Representative:
Jiunn How, Adrina Zarawi, Luqman Saifuddin, Carven Leong

Each candidate may use 2 minutes to give a speech. After that, they will take a few questions from the members. Please be on time. Candidates who arrive late (especially for their respective elections) will be disqualified.

For positions with 4 or more candidates, you are allowed to vote for the top 2. Also, FOR THOSE WHO COULD NOT MAKE IT this Saturday and would like to vote, please email Duo-Ren Cheng at duoren@umich.edu He will send you a form to fill out :) Thanks guys!

See you all there !

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