Event DetailsChinese New Year Celebration
Saturday, February 9, 2013
6:00pm - 9:00pm
East Hall Math Atrium
Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Come grab some food, catch up with other MiMSA members, listen to some Chinese New Year songs, and play some cards :D

If you would like to invite non-MiMSA members to this event, it will be $4 per guest. This fee is imposed just to be fair to all MiMSA members who paid their fees at the beginning of the academic year.

Note: Please bring your own utensils! You might want to bring a bowl or a cup because we will be serving a soup-y dish for dessert. People who come with their own utensils will get to grab their food first :D Just to clarify, the order will be: Seniors with utensils, Juniors with utensils, Sophomores with utensils, Freshmen with utensils, Seniors without utensils, Juniors without utensils, Sophomores without utensils, and lastly, Freshmen without utensils.