Event DetailsMalaysians in the U.S. Forum
Saturday, January 26, 2013
7:30pm - 9:30pm
4448 East Hall
Being international students here, most of us may have experienced various difficulties in transiting from Malaysian culture to the American culture. Guidance from a Malaysian who has gone through all these will definitely be helpful for us during the transition.

An Senior Database Administrator (App developer & Data Developer) in College of Engineering at University of Michigan, Mr Norzaimi Nordin a.k.a. Pak Andak will be our speaker this time to share his experience being a Malaysian, living in the US for more than 20 years. He will be sharing his personal, educational and career experience in the US, and also answering all your questions during an informal Q&A session.

Also, we'll be having 4 Michigan Malaysian alumni & Grad Students for our second session of this forum. (Jessica Chung, Ju Shua Tan, Kee Shen Quah, Jacky Tiong) This time, we are very fortunate to have our fellow seniors to provide us with step to step guidance towards grad school and information on internship and job search in the US .

These AWZOME seniors will try their best to provide close guidance on pathway towards grad schools (Econ and Engineering), basic information on job search in the US and the accompanying puzzles in making your way towards earning a living in the States , namely the OPT and H1-b Visas (work permits for international students).

Last but not least, we know that you're craving for some Malaysian delicacies - and we won't disappoint you (:

looking forward to see all of you on the 26th!